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How to Fix McAfee Error

McAfee is being used globally and is providing high-end security measures to various devices such as PC, Android, Macs, iOS. However, with advanced features, it is possible that you will face McAfee errors while downloading, installing, or even performing any action. Whereas many of the errors can be fixed only by performing a few troubleshooting steps to fix McAfee error.

If you are facing McAfee installation incomplete error, there could be several reasons for the cause of the error from any end. Before you go to follow troubleshooting steps to fix McAfee installation failed error, make sure you do not fall under any of the criteria mentioned below:

Cause of McAfee Installation Incomplete Error :

  1. McAfee Activation code is incorrect
  2. Poor or no internet connection.
  3. Already have another version of McAfee antivirus
  4. vague cookies and browsing data
  5. Incorrect McAfee Account login details
  6. Incompatible security software is installed

How to fix McAfee error: activation Incomplete?

However, before you start to follow methods or troubleshooting steps to fix McAfee error, make sure you have continued internet connection with strong single strength. Also, check whether your device is compatible with the software specification or not. Clean up some space from your computer according to the security software’s requirement. After taking all the measures, you can perform any basic or compound step to fix the error.

Since the installation is failed, go to the Control panel > Program and Features and uninstall any of the McAfee product installed to execute the appropriate installation. Alternatively, click on the start or Windows icon and type run. In the Run dialogue box, type appwiz.cpl and click OK. You will have a list of programs installed on your computer; find any file/program from McAfee and choose to uninstall the software. After you are done with un-installation, try to install the software again. Below are the steps to troubleshoot McAfee Installation incomplete error.

(Note: Steps might slightly differ depending on the web browser and its version you are using)

Method 1:
  1. Open your Web browser and search and download for Pre-install tool
  2. Download and save the file at any temporary location such as desktop
  3. Double-click the pre-install tool file extension
  4. You will be prompted for the Agreement and license page. Read and mark agree or click OK to step ahead
  5. After the tool is installed completely, restart your computer
  6. Now, try to install McAfee software again and pay attention while you enter McAfee activation key. In another possible case, the windows account you have logged in with lacks permissions. If you still encounter McAfee error- installation incomplete, then proceed to the alternative method. Following the method below will temporarily enable the built-in Administrator account and you will let you install McAfee antivirus again using the account.
Method 2:
  1. First and foremost, you need to command as Administrator
  2. Click on Windows icon and type cmd.exe in the search bar appeared at the bottom
  3. Hover over the icon, click right and from the menu displayed, choose Run as administrator option
  4. When you are prompted to the next page, type ‘’ net user administrator /active: yes and click Enter
  5. Now, shut the command prompt and press CTRL+ALT+ DEL Key altogether
  6. Select to Log out or sign out to safely your exit from your Windows account and perform steps manually
  7. Click on the logo screen and choose to it as Administrator. Wait for a while as the process of log on process might take a little longer to complete. In case, this method also fails to fix this McAfee error, you may opt the third method to solve the error.
Method 3:
  1. If your McAfee product is taking too much longer to download or activate, try following these steps. Try to download the McAfee security software again and wait until the activation process is undergoing.
  2. Try to download the software again, reinstall it and wait while the process is undergoing
  3. If your attempt to download McAfee fails again, restart your system and try downloading the security software from another website or visit the link - www.mcafee.com/activate
  4. Once done with the downloading or activating, restart your PC

Redeem McAfee retail card and use the activation key to get McAfee activate. Updated security software will reduce the risk of trogon attack and virus risks. Also, provide real-time security. To learn more, visit the page - http://www.mcafee.com/activate


The Offical Mcafee Activate www.mcafee.com/activate was kind of a mess at launch. And our original review, published in late Jan 2012, wasn't entirely positive. The McAfee Store the international version of Windows 10 PC had an enormous performance, correspondingly impressive longevity, and a surprisingly good protection for the price. But it was absolutely best in performance issues, at least on its out-of-box software. (And in the first few months following release, the McAfee didn't receive a single online update.)

www.mcafee.com/ activate

Our only real reservation has to do with the McAfee upgrade prospects beyond windows 10 including Android's monthly security updates, on which Motorola has so far been quiet. Windows 10 makes for a great experience on the operating system. Just bear in mind that you might be waiting longer than you would like for a 10 or 7.http://www.mcafee.com/activate

McAfee Activate USA | mcafee.com/ activate USA

In other areas McAfee Activate product even builds upon a couple of its core security code. That performance now gets you even longer longevity, thanks to Activate McAfee Product, which cuts back on background activity http://www.mcafee.com/activate when not needed. Anecdotally, we are also seeing less aggressive battery drain in heavier use, such as browsing desktop and media-heavy sites in Internet Explorer. Therefore, it looks like the performance optimizations made across the board are having a positive impact on battery life.

The protection experience remains much the same great in Windows, if a little slow. You have the core processor hardware of the http:/www.mcafee.com/activate windows (Pure Edition), so the results are similar. Low-light photography remains a Weakness here but then that applies to just about every phone at this price point.

Mcafee Activate UK| mcafee.com/activate UK

The McAfee's price is something else to consider. Since launching in Jan 2012, it's pile up steadily down towards the £20 mark in the UK (the Windows 10 is still sitting its launch price of $20), putting it in claim with operating system like the Windows 10 and Windows 8. In addition, with its performance issues finally ironed out, and a more affordable asking price, perhaps it is time to reconsider the McAfee Protection. McAfee can't match the Security http:/www.mcafee.com/activate UK construction of But, but it has an undeniable edge on software, and being able to go multiple days without charging remains an Windows rarity. http:/www.mcafee.com/activate